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Len x Rin Fanclub

Welcome to the Len-x-Rin-Fanclub! We hope you enjoy your stay!
If you like, put our icon on your profile/Journal to help spread the love.


This group's purpose is to share the love of Len x Rin throughout DeviantART.
Please join if you like these two as a PAIRING.

:bulletyellow: Who are Rin/Len Kagamine?:bulletyellow:

"Rin/Len Kagamine" is the second installment of the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series developed by Crypton Future Media Ltd. A male voice (Len) and female voice (Rin) were released on December 27th 2007. The kanji for their family name was made from the characters Kagami (mirror) and Ne (sound). This is often interpreted as making them "mirrored reflections" of one another, Rin standing for "right" and Len for "left." This "mirror image" interpretation is, however, NOT an official announcement of CFM. Also, CFM had the initial intention to distribute them as twins, but this idea was not adopted, either. Still, CFM seems to have no objection to this prevailing knowledge. According to Crypton's official blog, the package includes two voice banks: one for Rin and another for Len, both provided by the seiyuu Asami Shimoda. Despite the double voice banks, the package still sells at the same price as Miku Hatsune.

:bulletyellow: How To Join :bulletyellow:

Just click the "Join Group" button that should be at the top of the page.You will be automaticlly accepted.

:bulletyellow: Rules :bulletyellow:

:bulletorange:We will not accept any form of art theft. This includes:
-The direct uploading of someone else's work.
-Tracing and copying.
- The use of someone else's fanart as your fanfiction's preview.
:bulletorange:We also do not accept customization:
-This means edited images and wallpapers eg. the boxart by KEI with some sparkles on Len's face, or a well-known fanart with extra photoshop effects.
-Coloured pictures must have the permission of the original line-artist.
:bulletorange:Rin and Len must be the MAIN feature of a submission:
-They must be just as prominent or more prominent than any other characters appearing in the submission.
-Group cosplays with them included, but not mainly featured, are fine.
:bulletorange:No submissions are to feature Rin or Len paired with a different character.
-This club is a RinxLen PAIRING fan club.
:bulletorange:If a deviation is declined:
-Do not submit it again unless we specifically ask you to (due to error or otherwise).
:bulletorange:Do not flame:
-Don't use this club to abuse other members through flaming or otherwise. (As a general piece of advice, don't abuse anyone at all.) Any disagreements should be negotiated in a civil and polite manner.
:bulletorange:This club has a set limit of five submissions per week.
-Any more submitted will be automatically disallowed.
:bulletorange: Submissions should have effort put into them.
-We will never decline a submission based on skill, however submissions should not be comprised of, say, stickmen (with a ponytail and bow) on a ripped-off piece of your maths homework because you were bored and decided to upload something.
:bulletorange:We no longer accept NSFW submissions.
:bulletorange:Questions or complaints should be sent to all administrators through a group note.

:bulletyellow: How to Submit :bulletyellow:

-Click on "Contribute Art" at the top of the page.
-Please submit your piece into the appropriate gallery. It will promptly be accepted by administrators (or declined, if it breaks any of the submission rules).
If you are unsure of which folder to submit to, visit each folder and read its description which will be located in the top right hand corner of the page.

:star: The original Founder of this group was Mewa--Chu
:star: The second Founder of this group was red-lite
:star: The third Founder of this group was MaskOfFeathers
:star: The fourth and also the current founder of this group is CheekyPikachu

credits to our titles goes to Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

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deviation in storage by CureStar
Hey every Len/Rin fan out there!

Remember this journal? Well TheKagamineFanatic has pulled the strings and made this amazing Visual Novel related to Len/Rin!

Check here for the download:… all information is there.
She's also made a PV related to it:…

This certainly deserves a look, visual novels are not that easy to make.
Let us know what you think too!

Hello everyone! :wave:

One of our Contributors :iconthekagaminefanatic: is starting a very interesting project, that's relating to Rin and Len! And I have to say it's rather exciting!

So go on over to her journal, and have a read, you won't be disappointed!  thekagaminefanatic.deviantart.…

Let's help her out, and make this become a reality!
More Journal Entries


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Drawing-Stars-02 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just wanna let my fellow RiLen shipping groupees know that I'm going to join other groups so my art might become redundant... Just a heads up for anyone who's in more than one group. :thumbsup:ouo
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Evhia Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Look at this -->…
Drawn by Mikeinel BTW. We have a RinXLen fan that is pretty good at animating :iconhappyblueplz:
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Drawing-Stars-02 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What do you do when you're going absolutely buzzerk, can't breathe, constantly thinking of Rin x Len??

I mean, I can't stop shipping them

I have an issue where I can't put it to pause 

It's stopping me from breathing just by thinking of the possibilities they possess

I have a problem XD I love it but it's keeping me awake lol! 

What do?
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Clubbizzarex Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Is there a rule about mature content artwork? o_o
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